English Hygge

Log fires in pubs, spiced apple pie,
Beer in pints, the W I;
Cricket, Crimmond, bonfire smells,
"Disgusted" still of Tunbridge Wells;
Elgar, Evensong, cream teas,
Church fetes, The Times, real Cheddar cheese;
Grand National Day, the Boat Race too,
Hardy's Tess, King Lear and Pooh;
Inglenooks, Joan Hunter-Dunn,
Jerusalem, each Turner sun;
King's College Carols, Keats, Bird's Custard,
Lord's, Black Cabs and proper mustard;
Big Ben and Beachy Head, mince pies,
Freckled girls with Page Three eyes;
And Brexit friends to share the joy
Of all that Brussels won't destroy.