Extracts from I THINK I THOUGHT :--

(many of the poems in this collection have previously appeared in The Spectator, The Oldie and the Literary Review. The following extracts come from previously unpublished works.)


No matter how much you cajole it or wheedle
a camel won't fit through the eye of a needle . . .

    (from Still Dreaming The Dream)


Down below with Mother's sherry
daughters pick at her remains.
Whose the teapot? Whose the teaspoons?
Someone loses, someone gains . . .

    (from Mrs. Moseley Leaves Home)


When I was young
I was hot.
    Now I'm not.

    (from Climate Change)


. . . fickle fashion sings with Siren voice.
Now Alton Towers, frightening and vast,
leaves most thrill-seeking children spoilt for choice.
The day of the performing flea has passed. . .

    (from A Requiem For The Smallest Show On Earth)


Internet porn, Internet porn,
with baby oil glistening and body hair shorn
from muscled Adonises filling the screen
with brawn of a kind that mine's never been . . .

    (from www.embersrekindled)


. . . but Friday's Reunion "Nite" at The Grand
                         convinced me, for what it is worth,
that it isn't the meek but the mentally bleak
                         who have come to inherit the Earth . . .

     (from School Reunion "Nite")