Extracts from I THINK I THOUGHT :--


No matter how much you cajole it or wheedle
a camel won't fit through the eye of a needle . . .

    (from Still Dreaming The Dream)


Down below with Mother's sherry
daughters pick at her remains.
Whose the teapot? Whose the teaspoons?
Someone loses, someone gains . . .

    (from Mrs. Moseley Leaves Home)


When I was young
I was hot.
    Now I'm not.

    (from Climate Change)


. . . fickle fashion sings with Siren voice.
Now Alton Towers, frightening and vast,
leaves most thrill-seeking children spoilt for choice.
The day of the performing flea has passed. . .

    (from A Requiem For The Smallest Show On Earth)


Internet porn, Internet porn,
with baby oil glistening and body hair shorn
from muscled Adonises filling the screen
with brawn of a kind that mine's never been . . .

    (from www.embersrekindled)


. . . but Friday's Reunion "Nite" at The Grand
                         convinced me, for what it is worth,
that it isn't the meek but the mentally bleak
                         who have come to inherit the Earth . . .

     (from School Reunion "Nite")