The Dragon and Lucy Wood

Her school gave little Lucy Wood
Six medals, all for being good;
“Just look at me! I'm really good,”
Said boastful little Lucy Wood.

One day as it was getting dark
In the Exotic Monster Park
A fiery dragon saw young Lucy
And thought her promisingly juicy.

She hid, breath held, her eyes shut tight.
But as she shook with clammy fright,
The medals which she wore so proudly
Clinked and jingled very loudly.

Their noise soon helped the dragon trace
Their boastful wearer's hiding place.
And Lucy, without more ado,
Became its flame-grilled barbecue, --

A fate avoidable, I guess,
Had Lucy boasted rather less
About the medals which she wore –
Or, better, kept them in a drawer.

(Being good's OK; but sadly,
To boast about it can end badly.)


(first published in The Caterpillar)